Mission: Little Sand Group Home is committed to providing individualized programming to adolescent females that is based on empathy, support, structure and consistency. We provide therapeutic expertise and interventions to facilitate significant improvement in overall emotional, behavioral and social functioning. 

Commitment: Little Sand Group Homes has a proven resident and family focused program. The staff of LSGH are committed to excellence of care, with timely, effective results.

Residents Best Served: Children eligible for placement at Little Sand Group Homes are adolescent females of all cultural backgrounds, ages 11-21 in need of out of home care and placed either voluntarily or under court order. Placing agents include both Department of Human Services and Department of Corrections. Little Sand does not accept referral from, and placement is not reimbursable through, insurance providers at this time. 

Little Sand provides individualized programming for ambulatory adolescent girls experiencing behavioral difficulties at home, school or within their communities. Little Sand serves adolescent girls of diverse cultural and ethnic backgrounds. 

Typical Presenting Issues:

  • Truancy and/or educational difficulties

  • Runaway history

  • Minor alcohol/drug use

  • Sexual acting out, vulnerability to or victims of sex trafficking

  • Oppositional/defiant/disrespectful interactions with authority

  • Poor social/relationship skills

  • Other behavioral and/or emotional difficulties stemming from unresolved grief, loss or abandonment, or physical, emotional and sexual abuse

Little Sand Does Not Accept Children Who Present as:

  • Actively psychotic

  • Actively suicidal

  • Having committed sexual offenses against others

  • In need of in-patient chemical dependency treatment

  • Danger to self/others

  • Having other psychological diagnoses or fragile medical conditions that prevent them from successfully participating in Little Sand Programming

Program : The Little Sand program provides goal-directed, individualized, strength-based treatment. Empathy, relationship development and self-responsibility are key concepts underlying the dynamic of change. A variety of therapeutic interventions are utilized including but not limited to DBT, CBT, Trauma Focused Therapy and Behavioral Modification.